Carpenter & Paterson India Private Limited. | Carpenter & Paterson Ltd


Carpenter and Paterson is pleased to announce the opening of a new
manufacturing facility in India. The completion of this final phase of our
recent expansion programme now gives us a manufacturing presence in UK,
Thailand and India.

Carpenter & Paterson India Private Limited (CPI) is a subsidiary of
Carpenter and Paterson Limited UK, and has established a manufacturing
facility at Ranipet, Tamil Nadu, located between Chennai and Bangalore. The
Sales and Engineering offices are located in Chennai.

The Ranipet Factory Unit is already in production and is equipped with the
very latest machinery having around 18000 square feet of covered space in
which to produce the complete range of Carpenter & Paterson hangers and

CPI has already engaged a highly professional team and the senior management
have built up a wealth of experience in both the technical and commercial
aspects of the business over a great number of years in the Pipe Supports

As with the establishment of our successful and fast growing Asia Facility
in Thailand, the strategy adopted in the set up of CPI has been to establish
a presence to serve the ever growing domestic market introducing our well
known brand, a recognised market leader, run by a team of experienced
industry professionals.

We are extremely grateful to our Customers in India and elsewhere who have
given such great encouragement to us by warmly receiving this idea. Now we
are established, CPI will welcome any pre qualification documentation that
may be necessary to take matters forward, and will equally welcome any
Enquiries for our products and services which will meet with a prompt and
compliant response.

Jonathan Lee
Managing Director
Carpenter & Paterson Limited