Carpenter & Paterson Norway | Carpenter & Paterson Ltd

Carpenter and Paterson is pleased to announce the opening of a new
Sales office in Norway. Carpenter & Paterson Norway (CPN) is a subsidiary of Carpenter & Paterson Limited UK and has established a Sales and Service office in Bergen Norway.
The strategy adopted in the set-up of CPN has been to establish
a presence to continue to serve the successful Norwegian market with our well known brand, a recognised market leader, run by an experienced industry professional and fully supported from the UK (CPL).
We are extremely grateful to our Customers in Norway and elsewhere who have
given such great encouragement to us by warmly receiving this idea. Now we
are established, CPN will welcome any pre-qualification documentation that
may be necessary to take matters forward, and will equally welcome any
Enquiries for our products and services which will meet with a prompt and
compliant response.
For Contact Details please visit our Agent Section for Norway.