3D Design work, implementation, and interfacing MDS with Witch-Hanger | Carpenter & Paterson Ltd

3D Design – PDMS/MDS and Witch-Hanger Interface



AVEVA’s 3D design system called PDMS.
AVEVA’s MDS (Multi Discipline Supports) application is a highly productive tool for the design of supports within the process and power industries. It is fully integrated with AVEVA’s 3D design system called PDMS.

Carpenter & Paterson Ltd and AVEVA have independently verified the implementation of a new catalogue and an interface to the Witch-Hanger Software.

The support points, including the necessary secondary steel, are planned and laid out directly in the PDMS 3D model by experienced designers. Witch-Hanger supports are transposed into 3D data, which is then integrated into the model with the aid of a PDMS interface. Any secondary steel required can be directly supplemented in PDMS.
Click here to view a guide on how to use the interface.