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Dynamic Supports

These supports are installed to protect piping and related plant from shock loads caused by circumstances such as seismic activity, water hammer, etc.

Additional restraints may be required by the use of specific anchors or guides to ensure that the piping corresponds to the correct flexibility. Our Engineering team is available to provide comprehensive advice on all types of Dynamic Supports.
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Hydraulic Shock Arrestors

The Carpenter & Paterson Ltd range of hydraulic shock arrestor provides protection of pipelines and equipment from the effect of shock loads generated by rapid valve closure and/or seismic shock, whilst allowing for unrestricted thermal movement of the pipework.

Rigid Struts

This range of high stiffness rigid struts provides restraint in both compression & tension, and can be used as a multi directional restraint.

Spring Sway Braces

Spring Sway Braces are used for controlling vibration, absorbing shock loadings and guiding or restraining the pipe movement.