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Variable Spring Supports

Variable Support

Pipework and/or vessels subject to temperature change or subsidence, etc. which give rise to vertical displacements should be supported by a resilient device which will absorb/accommodate the movement. For relatively small displacements (up to about 75mm) the variable spring support is recommended. The Carpenter & Paterson Ltd standard range of variable spring supports are produced in four basic travel ranges; 35mm, 70mm,140mm and 210mm. These are designated DV35, DV70, DV140 and DV210 respectively. The travels stated are the maximum working range of the springs. This full travel can be used providing the necessary calculations are carried out to ensure that the connecting equipment and pipework can withstand the load changes that occur during pipe movement. Most international standards limit the load variation to a maximum of 25%. It is therefore usual to select variable spring supports on this basis.

In keeping with generally accepted practice, we recommend that the actual pipe load is correctly supported when the pipe is in its normal working position. This ensures no abnormal or excessive forces, due to out of balance supporting effort, is transferred to the pipework in its stressed working condition.

Variable spring supports are most commonly supplied with a galvanised finish and a plastic coated spring coil. However our unique design allows for internal and external surface coating to meet customer specific requirements.
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